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VALS village
The Vals Stone is coming from the swiss mountains in the heart of the canton of Grisons at 1250m above the sea level in the middle of a small mountain village called "VALS". It is also from the same village that the famous VALS thermal spring is emerging at 30°C.
VALS primary cutting
The unique quarry of VALS is extracting stone since centuries. The Vals stone is extremely strong and frost resistant. it is suitable for both internal and external use : for floor, walls cladding, facades, staircases, roofing, swimming-pool and also for table tops or even furniture.

Vals stone detail
From a geological point, the Vals Stone is a quartzite with inclusion of mica and schist with dense and tight grains, with a veiny aspect. It is composed with multiple layers of mica or silicate of blueish tonality which offer sometime some greenish highlights in alternance with layers of light grey to white quartz.

Depending on usage and expected feeling, the Vals Stone can be cut with the grain or against the grain
VALShoned2(001).jpg Valspaving(001).jpg VALSwall(001).jpg VALSSplit2(001).jpg VALSsplit(001).jpg
The Vals stone can be produced with different surface finishes :
Rough sawn / Split face / Natural split / Brushed / Honed C120 / Honed C220 / High-Honed C320 /
Polished / Sandblasted / Sandblasted & Brushed
VALS stone

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